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Henry’s Hi-Life: Can You Conquer the 20-Ounce Porterhouse?

May 20, 2015 4:01 pm

Henry’s Hi-Life offers some of the best, most unpretentious barbecue and steaks in San Jose. Using only the finest cuts of meat, Henry’s offers a wide range of quality steaks, all cooked to perfection. Henry’s menu also includes tasty pork chops, burgers, baby back ribs, and even a chicken teriyaki dish. For diners with especially hearty appetites, Henry’s offers a massive 20-ounce Porterhouse!

Lunch includes smaller portions of these great dishes, including many fresh salads, hot dogs, and a combo plate featuring chicken and ribs. Be sure to save room for dessert, as Henry’s offers many tasty sweet treats, and make note: The entire menu is available for takeout.

Henry's Hi-Life
301 W St. John Street
San Jose, CA 95110
(408) 295-5414

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Find Local Fare at Food Co-Ops

May 13, 2015 4:01 pm

A food co-op is a grocery store that is collectively owned and operated by its members, and it normally focuses on local products. Even though you might not realize it, you likely have a food co-op in your area. Here are a few ways that a food co-op can improve your relationship with food.

  1. They’re more convenient than most farmers' markets. Although farmers' markets are also great ways to shop locally, they’re usually only held once a week (and not at all in the winter months). Food co-ops, on the other hand, are just as convenient as a traditional grocery store.
  2. They help to support local farmers. These days, local farmers are much fewer and farther between than they were in the past, and food co-ops are some of the most important things to help them continue to make a living by farming.
  3. Expect to become a member. In exchange for providing fresh, local produce, meats and baked goods, most food co-ops expect their shoppers to become members. This usually means paying yearly dues and receiving a type of membership card before you’re able to shop in their store. If you’re dedicated to supporting local agriculture or improving your diet, these dues are more than worth it.

How to Find a Food Co-Op in Your Area and Score Some High-Quality, Super-Cheap Eats [Lifehacker]
What is a Food Co-Op? [WiseGeek]
What is a Food Co-op? [Kitsap Food]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 10, 2015 3:06 pm

Happy Mother's Day! How are you planning to celebrate mom today?

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