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Bibo’s NY Pizza: A Taste of the Big Apple in San Jose

July 22, 2015 4:02 pm

Regulars say you can expect “real New York quality pizza” at Bibo’s NY Pizza in San Jose. The atmosphere of Bibo’s NY Pizza is reminiscent of a walk-in pizza joint in Manhattan: no frills, harsh lights, few tables—simply a small restaurant serving hot, cheesy slices.

At Bibo’s you can order pizza by the slice or a huge 20-inch pie. The dough and sauce for their pies are made fresh daily, and each pie is topped with nearly a pound of buffalo and cow mozzarella cheese. A 14-inch gluten-free pizza crust is available for those with allergies or intolerances.

Order one of the 12 specialty pies on the menu, or create your own with a wide variety of meat and veggie toppings. Don’t forget to try a cannoli for dessert—if you have room!

Bibo’s NY Pizza
1431 Bird Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 217-9084

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How to Create an Orderly (Yet Still Stylish!) Kitchen

July 15, 2015 4:02 pm

Want your kitchen to look stylish — without giving up its functionality? It is possible to make your kitchen both chic and tidy, and these smart tips will help you to get started on your kitchen re-do.

  • Add open shelving. Take the doors off of your kitchen cabinets to store attractive plates and bowls in a way that doubles as a design feature. The more eclectic the better, so mix and match to your heart’s content.
  • Take advantage of countertops. Store the items that you use most in attractive jars along the countertops. Use mason jars or colorful containers to store utensils, coffee, and even dried pasta.
  • Add magnetic strips. Use magnetic strips to keep knives on display against the wall, or use them to organize metal spice containers.
  • Purchase hanging rods. Most home goods stores sell rods that come with numerous S-shaped hooks that you can use to hang things like can openers, measuring cups, and even coffee mugs.
  • Add artwork as a backsplash. Create your own unique backsplash by stacking vintage frames or colorful prints against the wall.
  • Use Lazy Susans. Lazy Susans are some of the most essential items for organizing a smaller kitchen. Use them for spice jars, baking supplies, smaller glassware, and anything else that you can’t easily reach.

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The 2nd Floor Motif: Try the Lumpia

July 8, 2015 3:10 pm

With a fantastic happy hour, live music, and an ultra-cool atmosphere, The 2nd Floor Motif is the perfect place for people in search of a good time. Happy hour is just about legendary due to its reduced-price drinks and menu items. The food at The 2nd Floor Motif is just as amazing as the drink selection, with a number of tasty small plates sure to satisfy.

The Stuffed Mushrooms dish is an often-repeated favorite among regulars, while the Sweet Potato Fries are a twist on a classic side dish. Wings come in a number of flavors, while Spring Rolls are fried to perfection. More substantial portions include Ceviche with fresh scallops and prawns and the Lumpia, which offers a mix of beef and vegetables wrapped up and fried.

The 2nd Floor Motif
389 S 1st Street, 2nd Floor
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 921-9989

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