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Craft Your Own Candle at Glow Candle Lounge

March 4, 2015 5:01 pm

Located in San Jose, Glow Candle Lounge is a unique art studio that allows its visitors to create customized and personalized candles. Guests are asked to select a shape, and the price is dependent upon the size of the candle. Then, visitors can choose from more than 40 fragrances such as amber, eucalyptus, cucumber melon, and honey. You have the option of putting a pip—or a small wax shape such as a pattern, star or heart—on the side of the mold.

The pricing policy at Glow Candle Lounge is simple. Studio day passes are available for children and adults, and you pay for whichever candle you choose. The pass covers the cost of the color, pips, wick, fragrance, buffing, and hot wax pour. Additionally, if a gift is needed in a hurry, Glow Candle Lounge also carriers several candle accessories and professionally created products for your enjoyment.

Glow Candle Lounge
1140-7 Lincoln Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
(408) 292-4569

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How to Make New Friends at Any Age

February 26, 2015 6:02 pm

In elementary school, meeting a new friend was as simple as sharing a box of crayons during story time. Now that you’re older you have far fewer opportunities to talk to like-minded people who could become new friends, but that doesn’t mean that you should give up entirely. Use these smart tips to begin making new friends at any age:

  1. Ask friends and family. Just like you might ask friends and family if they know anyone you might be interested in romantically, you can do the same for platonic relationships. It’s much easier to meet a friend when you already have someone to introduce you.
  2. Be more social at parties. Instead of clinging to the group of people you already know at parties, make yourself more of an extrovert. Introduce yourself to anyone who looks like a potential friendship candidate, and be sure to exchange contact information.
  3. Try something new. One of the very best ways to make new friends as an adult is through a shared interest. Join a book club, begin taking a workout class or even volunteer at your kids’ school to be around people with interests similar to yours. Just be sure to put yourself out there and strike up a conversation with anyone you meet.

Survey Says: How to Meet New People [Psychology Today]
50 Ways to Meet New People [About Relationships]
Real-Life Social Networking: How These Best Friends Met [Redbook]

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Paper Plane: Craft Cocktail Bar

February 18, 2015 5:01 pm

San Jose beverage aficionados might rejoice after just one sip of Paper Plane’s craft cocktails. The place's atmosphere may be laid back and easy-going, but the drinks are anything but simple. With a focus on thoughtfully imagined cocktails, Paper Plane serves seasonal, hand batched punches (available by the glass or pitcher) and limited barrel-aged cocktails that the bar features on a rotating basis.

There is also a menu of signature cocktails, “new school cocktails,” and “old school cocktails” including a Monte Carlo, Mai Tai, and a bloody Mary served with bacon salt and a boiled quail egg. For those who would like a little more sustenance, Paper Plane serves a selection of small plates and bar bites. You can snuggle into a booth, make friends at the long community table, or enjoy your drink at the bar, which is outfitted with rustic stools and giant, lighted paper planes. Behind the bar is an exposed brick wall festooned with shelves upon shelves of drink fixings.

Paper Plane
72 S. First Street
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 713-2625

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